Doug purchased This C-140A (Betty) while he was an apprentice. He was lucky enough to be working for David Sproule at the time who specializes in restorations, specifically war birds. David allowed Doug to use the shop after hours to do the restoration over about one year. Doug then got his PPL With Bob Salway to train him. Doug flew over 500 Hrs on Betty before he sold the pretty little C-140A.

bellanca cruise master

Phil White head purchased this Bellanca Cruise Master specifically to restore it. The entire restoration took Two airplanes to make one good one and 7 years of work. The old Wood wing bellanca's are truly works of art, which also means they are extremely labor intensive in terms of a restoration and maintenance perspective. Once the restoration was complete Doug Purchased half, to join a partnership with Phil. This beauty won the Top Bellanca at Oshkosh 2017! Doug currently owns and flys The Cruise Master (Bell) regularly.

murphy moose

Chris Hodgsen Purchased this partially built Murphy Moose kit. Allot of Sheet metal, composites, and rigging were done from scratch on this aircraft. We also changed some systems from cable/pulleys set up, to hydraulic actuation. Chris Flys the Moose off of his small private airstrip on one of the local Gulf islands.

Harvard repairs

This Harvard has quite the history, from active military flying to many mishaps where the aircraft was partially rebuilt several times. unfortunately the last accident at ZBB left it in pretty bad shape. However Tom Rogers was ambitious enough to purchase it and take on the long process of rebuilding once again. Sealand Aviation currently has the main components and will work their sheet metal magic. We are looking forward to the rest of the process and re assembly.

engine work

One of the most common Mods, Changes and/or repairs we do is on engines.

Rockwell forced landing retrieval

A forced landing with this Rockwell Commander caused the pilot to set it down in a field just short of YPK. The field was very soft, as you can see by the deep grooves in the grass. we retrieved the aircraft and managed to get it back onto YPK property without disassembly. we did the necessary inspections and repairs on the field. Amazingly the only damage was a broken ground wire on a micro switch in the RT gear well!!! a lucky day for The owner!!

C-180 GRUM

GRUM was rebuilt by owner Dennis Pilarinos. Beegles aircraft services in Greely CO was responsible for the beautiful work accomplished during the restoration. Doug and Dennis then flew commercial airlines down to Greely in order for Doug to complete the annual inspection due to the fact that it took almost 1 year for the rebuild, the annual had expired while in the USA. once re certified Doug and Dennis flew it back to BC with the bare minimum instrumentation, patch work paint and brand new IO-550. Dennis then had Canada West Avionics remove the old panel and instruments and install the new Garmin glass. Port Aircraft interiors then took care of the beautiful paint job and interior. All this was done in record time in order for Dennis to make it to Oshkosh 2019.

Yak 50

Geoff Latter Came into my office one day and asked how hard it would be to import an aircraft from Australia. I had never done this before but I told him anything was possible if he was up to the challenge. One year later we had a yak 50 show up in a container. The aircraft was beautiful, and is one of 2 in Canada and one of aprox 23 world wide still flying. We unloaded the beautiful machine and reassembled it to an airworthy condition in two weeks!! However, about 8 months after that, we finally had the C of A from transport Canada. luckily Geoff was up for the challenge and hes currently flying and training in preparations for the air show circuit.


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